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302 Ounces Website Design

Delaware's Craft Beer Database - a fictional project for an HTML class
302 Ounces Website Screenshot
302 Ounces Website Screenshot
302 Ounces Website Screenshot
  • Client: Self, School
  • Completed on: October, 2014
  • Skills: HTML, CSS
  • Category: Web Design

Project Info:

302 Ounces is a fictional website of my own creation. A database for Delaware’s burgeoning craft beer industry, this site reflects the fact that I worked at a liquor store at the time that I began the Basic-to-Intermediate Web Design course at WilmU (and you would probably think that working at a LQ store during your college years would rock, but it really, really didn’t). I was already fairly familiar with HTML and CSS by the time I took the course, but the catch here was that you had to hand-code every single line and use absolutely no plugins/frameworks/etc. There really wasn’t a whole lot of content, so I went ahead and quickly Photoshopped a simple logo, figuring that since I had the space why not try a nice big ole’ header and a huge page title. The final result is a bit simple, but I think the trusty Blue & Gold works well with the black and white barrel and hops images. CHECK OUT THE DEMO HERE: 302 Ounces.

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